Topsy-turvy day

It’s great when things don’t turn out as expected, when you get to check your presuppositions at the door, and be humbled (or horrified) by the variety of people, good and bad, that populate this planet.

Here are three recent stories that shake up stereotypes:

1) “Oakland man murders atheist after debating God’s existence.”

It’s pretty clear that drugs, alcohol and despicable behaviour on the part of the atheist in the story are the likely culprits. Don’t get me wrong, his douche-baggery (teasing his “friend” about his father’s death) does not justify his being killed, but it makes a change to see an atheist gloating over someone’s death. Most of my exposure to this type of deplorable behaviour has been Christians gloating over the untimely deaths of prominent atheists – Christopher Hitchens being the most obvious example – or gloating over studies that suggest that the faithful live longer. Bad behaviour permeates humanity, regardless of how we then subdivide ourselves.

2) “God, But Mostly Science, Helps Cure Colorado Teen of Cancer”

How wonderful to see a professing Catholic – so devout that his Make a Wish Foundation wish was to meet the Pope – praise the medical technology and technicians that were instrumental in his remission from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Far too often we hear praise being heaped on Jesus for such things – even if one does believe this is appropriate (and you’re on pretty shaky ground, theologically, if you do), it is still appropriate to thank the doctors and nurses for their part.

3) “NAACP, KKK leaders meet to discuss race issues”

The headline says it all. It may well be a one off, but I’d like to hope that it’s the start of something bigger.


Dear readers, I wasn’t sure how to approach this post, whether to summarize the articles, and then comment, or just comment, as I have, with some reference to the content. I don’t anticipate doing too many multi-topic posts, like this, but if I do, how would you rather they were presented?


About COEXISTential

I'm a psychology graduate, about to undertake a Masters. I did my first degree at 36 for various reasons, and am contunuing in my education for better reasons. The focus of my research is the psychology of morality, and thus also religion and politics. The focus of this blog is to apply my learnings from this research to the tricky problem of fixing the world. I am a progressive liberal, humanist, and agnostic-atheist, but the individuality of my principles is more important than the labels under which they broadly fall. So let's talk about life, the universe, and everything, and how best for us humans to exist within it.
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